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Gas Bulletin Board Emergency Management

For information please email or call the Emergency Duty Manager on 0439 202 469.

Victoria:   Victorian Energy Emergency Communications Protocol

This protocol supports coordination of timely advice and information during an energy emergency. It complements existing AEMO, industry and government emergency policies and procedures, and is endorsed by the Gas Emergency Management Consultative Forum and the Victorian Electricity Emergency Committee.

Gas Single Industry Spokesperson

AEMO communicates with the media on behalf of the Victorian gas supply industry when there are widespread and prolonged localised gas shortages affecting Victorians. This ensures the media receive a single, consistent statewide event description.

Emergency Procedures (Gas)

These procedures enhance AEMO’s and industry’s ability to manage gas emergencies in Victoria. The procedures accord with the relevant legislative and administrative instruments. They follow the principles of maintaining gas reliability and transmission system security, and minimising risk to public safety.

Tasmania:   Emergency Management Procedures

The Department of State Growth is responsible for managing electricity, natural gas and petroleum product supply emergencies. These plans all take into account Tasmania's commitment made through memoranda of understanding with the mainland jurisdictions to align our procedures with national plans.

New South Wales:   Natural Gas Supply Disruption Plan

The Natural Gas Supply Disruption Plan is a sub-plan of the Energy and Utility Services Functional Area Supporting Plan of the State Disaster Plan (Displan). This sub-plan details the arrangements for the coordination and management of, and recovery from, a State level natural gas supply disruption in NSW.

Curtailment Tables

ACT:   ACT Emergency Plan 2014

           Gas Restriction Regulation

The ACT Emergency Plan describes the responsibilities, authorities and the mechanisms to prevent, or if they occur, manage emergencies and their consequences within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in accordance with the requirements of the ACT Emergencies Act 2004. The Energy Emergency (Coordination) Plan (EEP) is a supporting plan of the ACT Emergency Plan. The EEP provides a framework for a coordinated approach by Government, noting the important role of non‐government stakeholders, to electricity and gas emergencies in the ACT.

The Utilities Act 2000 provides for the regulation of utilities with respect to safety, and regulations under the Act provide for the implementation of electricity and gas restrictions.

Queensland:   This content is not yet publically available.

South Australia:   This content is not yet publically available.