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Guide to Pipeline Flow Directions

This table shows the default flow direction for pipelines on the Bulletin Board. 

Where gas flows are reported on the Bulletin Board there are currently two methods of indicating the direction of flow:

1. Reporting a net number as either positive or negative depending on the direction. 

Before 6 October 2016 both Actual Flow and Forecast Pipeline Flows were reported using this method, currently only Forecast Pipeline Flows are reported in this way. The table below denotes which direction is considered positive on each pipeline. In order to interpret Forecast Pipeline Flow data, or Actual Flow data from before 6 October 2016, users would need to refer to this table. 

All Actual Flow data from before 6 October 2016 was moved into the delivery column of the new Actual Flow report. When interpreting this data, especially for the Wallumbilla and Moomba demand zones, the key indicator for pipeline flow direction is the direction identified in this table.

2. Reporting Receipts and Deliveries separately.

As of 6 October 2016 Actual Flow data are reported separately as receipts or deliveries, which are defined from the perspective of the reporting facility.


The receipt of natural gas from a demand zone, a production zone, another BB facility, or a Connection Point into a BB facility. A pipeline reports a receipt when gas is injected into it.


The delivery of natural gas from a BB facility to a demand zone, a production zone, another BB facility or a Connection Point. A pipeline reports a delivery when gas flows out of the pipeline.  

You can find the schedule and all relevant rules references here.

Pipeline Name PlantID Default Flow From Default Flow To
APLNG Pipeline 540093 Roma Curtis Island LNG
Berwyndale to Wallumbilla Pipeline 540096 Roma (Berwyndale) Wallumbilla
Carpentaria Pipeline 540059 Ballera Mt. Isa
Comet Ridge to Wallumbilla Pipeline 540098 Wallumbilla Roma (Comet Ridge)
Darling Downs Pipeline 540097 Darling Downs Wallumbilla
Eastern Gas Pipeline 520047 Gippsland (Longford) Sydney
GLNG Gas Transmission Pipeline 540092 Roma Curtis Island LNG
Longford to Melbourne (part of the DTS) 530048 Gippsland (Longford) Victorian DTS (Melbourne)
Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System 550054 Moomba Adelaide
Moomba to Sydney Pipeline System 520053 Moomba Sydney
NSW-Victoria Interconnect (part of the DTS) 530046 Victorian DTS (Melbourne) Moomba to Sydney Pipeline (Culcairn)
Queensland Gas Pipeline 540058 Wallumbilla Gladstone and Rockhampton
Roma - Brisbane Pipeline 540057 Wallumbilla Brisbane
SEA Gas Pipeline 550052 Port Campbell (Iona) Adelaide
South West Pipeline (part of the DTS) 530051 Port Campbell (Iona) Victorian DTS (Melbourne)
South West Queensland Pipeline 540060 Wallumbilla Moomba
Spring Gully Pipeline 540099 Spring Gully Wallumbilla
Tasmania Gas Pipeline 570050 Gippsland (Longford) Hobart
Wallumbilla to Gladstone Pipeline 540091 Roma Curtis Island LNG